Friday, 30 August 2013

REVIEW of Pink Ribbon Boutique on Ebay/ Etsy; Broken chains and ugly crudeness

I really WANT to like this store, I mean I love the business card slogan:
"Jewellery for girls born with glitter in their veins" 
and the rainbow and the unicorn...

And I love that I managed to find a JEM and a Rainbow Brite necklace...

But sadly, Pink Ribbon Boutique has a very low quality standard.

The Jem necklace is crude in its finish. The middle part doesn't really fit the frame and the chain is awful - cheap and ugly. When I'm wearing the necklace, it somehow always twists so the back is facing forward - highly irritating! The fastenings are really ungracefully done, bits of metal sticking out. :( 

The Rainbow Brite necklace is BROKEN when I receive it! The chain is off, and one of the links is still in the plastic bag it came with. Here again, I notice crudeness, because the Rainbow Brite picture is too small for the frame and it is just glued in "the middle" (slightly off center!) in the frame.

I was really sad, because even the Cherry earrings was of low quality.

Where I've marked with an arrow there is a chunk of black plastic fused to the cherry that doesn't come off and is really ugly. The metal in the earrings look cheap (irregular colour) and doesn't have the same high quality shine as NiNEFRUiTSPiE's earrings.

I'm very disappointed with the store items quality.

I am not going to buy from this store again and I do not recommend you to buy from this store either, if you care about quality.

I am going to have to mend the Rainbow Brite necklace and change the chain on the Jem necklace.

I feel that I want to give the store only 1/5, but since the items arrived alright and the packaging was good; I have to give them 2/5.

I paid £12 for all three items and £4-5 for postage. Unfortunately it was a waste of money.

Did the items match the pictures on Ebay? 2/5 No. The low quality was not perceived through Ebays pictures.
Where the items of good quality? 1/5 Very poor quality, broken chains and careless made.
How was the sellers communication? 3/5 Nothing bad or good.
Cost versus quality? 1/5 Terrible!

I do not recommend this seller. :(

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