Friday, 30 August 2013

Etsy shop NiNEFRUiTSPiE delivery and REVIEW! :D

Today I received my package from Etsy Shop NiNEFRUiTSPiE!

Wonderful Claudia at NiNE FRUiTS PiE has made a lovely package, wrapped up in black and white silk paper and matching washi tape:

You can clearly tell that Claudia has put a lot of effort in packaging the goods both safely and beautifully.

Inside the package was my handmade skirt, earrings and not only one - but two surprise gifts!

It was a pretty kawaii Hello Kitty hair bow (with both alligator clip and safety pin!) and a really cute pink mobile phone dust stop charm.

The skirt is so pretty! I really love the mint lace and cute naïve fairy pattern! This is very Korona - it is like a page from a children's book!

Skirt detail. The seams are good, sometimes they deviate a little - Claudia may not yet be a pro seamstress, but for a handmade skirt I find that +/- 5% deviation of the seams is absolutely OK! (And only noticeable if you look at all the seams very carefully).

So cute mousy-earrings!

And my absolute favourite - the Game boy Game Over earrings!!!
They are actually the reason to why I bought from Nine Fruits Pie.
I really love the design and the colour! :D

Both the earrings are allergy-friendly too :D I easily get a rash from the metal in cheap earrings, but I didn't notice any itching from these earrings and I wore them all day long! :D

Claudia had sent two very cute handwritten notes, too:

I'm definitely going to enter the competition as soon as my other Fairy Kei clothes arrive!

I really admire how talented a lot of people on Etsy are!

I'm very pleased with my order from NiNEFRUiTSPiE and I will most certainly order from Claudia again! :)

Did the items match the pictures on Etsy? 5/5 Absolutely!
Where the items of good quality? 5/5 Very good quality
How was the sellers communication? 5/5 plus stars for all the cute notes! :)
Cost versus quality? 5/5 Absolutely affordable!

I'm giving NiNEFRUiTSPIE 5 out of 5 Hazelbelle nuts! :D

I highly recommend everyone to buy from this store (:

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