Tuesday, 27 August 2013

It's cheaper to fly to Japan than to buy Innocent Worlds Lucky Pack B online! :O

I've been looking at different Lolita brand sites overseas, mostly in Japan, and I really feel that Innocent Worlds Lucky Pack B is something for a beginner Lolita such as myself.

I've been planning to save up for it when it's on sale this Christmas - 52 500 Yen (3500 SEK) is a fantastic price for that amount of clothing.

But, when you add up shipment costs, declaration fee, the post office fee and sales taxes (25% in Sweden) you end up on a neat sum of 10 000 SEK!!!!!!!!!!! (150 372 Yen!!!!)

(Try it out yourself - I calculated it on Tullverkets site) Everything that has a value greater than 300 SEK has a fee of 25% moms (shopping tax) and everything with a value of 1300 SEK or more has an import fee, plus the expiditon fee of 100 SEK from the post office. (Gifts are free of charge up to 400 SEK).

3 times the price...

And suddenly it is NOT such a sweet deal any more.

So... I had this crazy idea! What if I travelled to Japan and bought the Lucky Pack in store and THEN travelled home?!?! :D

Actually, my crazy idea costs just the same amount! A quick look at cheap airline tickets can get me from Arlanda (Stockholm, Sweden) to Tokyo (Japan) for less than 1000 Dollars (<6 520 SEK).

The lucky pack is available for 3500 SEK and it would be cheap if I just went back and forth on the airplane. (ca 10 000 SEK)

But what if I spent 2-3 days in Japan? Of course there is the cost for hotel, transfer, food and maybe a little Sanrio shopping... ;)

Yet in rough terms - instead of buying the clothes online, I could very well have a holiday, in Japan, for say... 3000 - 4000 SEK!

Because I am allowed to bring goods to a value of 4300 SEK when I travel from Japan without paying anything extra...

I have always wanted to travel to Japan! :D

It is still a lot of money - a budget of 13 000 - 15 000 SEK for the trip, including the Lucky Pack, is what it will most certainly cost.

But still, then I'm at least NOT throwing my money away on customs and taxes ^^

Hmmm... Maybe this is a plan? :D Maybe if I start saving up now, I could go to Japan for IWs Summer Lucky Pack? :)

That would be so AWZUM!

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