Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Fall in love with Poyopoyo!

I'm totally in love with Poyopoyo right now! :)
Poyo is the football sized cat that lives in a family... Sounds derp? Sounds like Garfield?
No, it's soooooo cute... (and better than Garfield!)

It starts of with the daughter of the family falling asleep on Poyo in the street, 'cause she's so drunk and she thinks he looks like a pillow... She brings the cat home, and the tough Dad loves him, but the sisters brother is a bit cautious at first... Poyo has stolen Pokemons voice BTW =^.^=

The vivid anime cartoon episodes are 02:56 minutes, dead cute and FUNNY!

It's so veeeery Japanese! :) You really feel for the family characters, even after just watching a few episodes.

You can watch all episodes for free at Crunchyroll, which seems to be a great site for anime.

Check out the show Poyopoyo here!

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