Monday, 12 August 2013

I've bought my first Lolita dress!

This is a BIG thing.

I practically really can't afford it... but who can wait for like forever to get your own first dress? (So there is a hole in my economy - but I'll try to sell some of my old stuff on Ebay to get more money! ;)

First and foremost, it has been so difficult to choose which Lolita style I want to belong to.
For me there are 3 big different Lolita "girly" styles: Goth, Sweet and Classic.
(Boy style and Aristocrat are not "girly")

I'm really not into black at the moment, so Goth was out of the question (even though there are some neat purple and red prints out there!)

Sweet is so wonderful! I love the Fairy Kei Lolita with lots of pastels...

But... when my browser eyes fell upon this beautiful Classic Lolita dress in Velvet Cream...
It was to die for - I just knew it when I saw it. 
That will be my first dress! :)
Infanta Pumpkin Carriadge Cinderella JSK 89.99 USD
Infanta is a Chinese Lolita Brand that comes in a variety of sizes and the brand shop is on Taobao (Chinese Ebay) (Link to Infantas shop on Taobao).

MissyTetra has several excellent posts and reviews on Infantas dresses - you can read them here

I am 176 cm long and I weigh 70 kg, and Infanta's size XL will fit me if I lose 1 or 2 kg's of water weight (no more sweets until I get that dress! ;) LOL) (I'm really an XXL according to their size guide, but they only sold this dress up to XL!)

Being that tall, I'm worried that the dress will be too short. When the dress arrives I'll see if I need a lengthening underskirt to go with it.

I chose to buy the dress from Light in the box, since taobao is so complicated. Tabao is cheaper (you can buy the same dress as I bought for only 498 yuan (81 USD), but you have to have a Chinese cell phone number to confirm the order. If you wish to buy from Taobao, you can use a shopping service - Hello Lace has a taobao guide if you wish to venture that.

I bought the dress from Light in the box, anyway. I have never ordered from them before, so I hope everything will go well!

I ordered a lace blouse and some stockings too.
Aristocrat Lolita Cotton Blouse 49.99 USD
It was important to me that the blouse and stockings are made of cotton, because I relly hate the feeling of cheap polyester against my skin!
Stockings cotton 30% off 7.99 USD
I actually started of looking at Ebay and Bodyline for my first Lolita dress. 

Bodyline is very cheap, but most of the clothes come in very small sizes - I have 2L or 4L even according to them, and very few items catered my size, so I was worried that maybe the items also would be to short. Bodyline seems mostly cater to Sweet, Gothic and Kuro Lolitas.

All Bodyline's blouses are made out of polyester by the way! That's a terrible material to have close to your skin. I'd never buy that material for a blouse. Cotton, linen, bamboo, silk - natural materials are the way to go!

On the other hand, Bodyline had a great line of very affordable shoes! It looked like it was the same items that were available at Light in the Box, but with 40 USD lower price!

So I bought these beauties from Bodyline:

Shoes 251 from Bodyline 40 USD (and 10 USD postage)
I usually always wear leather shoes, but both Peachie and Vanessa Lopa swear to the comfort of Bodylines shoes, so I have to give it a go! Plus the fact I couldn't find any Lolita style real leather shoes anyway...

I chose flats because I'm so tall, I really don't need to add more height :) And I think flats look really classy.

Ebay has a great Chinese Lolita seller: cosplay007. They have beautiful Lolita clothes for very cheap prices, and they tailor sew them especially for you! That is some good service :) They announce that they can make anything at all - so if you want to, you can design your own dress and send it over to them, and they will sew it for you. They have a wide range of fabrics and colours to choose from as well.

A quick google on cosplay007 gives different reviews - some love it (and they are willing to compromise quality for the low price) and some were very disappointed, because they had received the wrong colour etc.

I will give cosplay007 a shot in the future, because I would love to own a tailor made dress!

But for this first, I fell for Infantas beautiful dress :).

I bought a wig from Ebay. My hair is medium brown, so I chose a wig that is dark brown to add some variety. Having a fringe on your wig is great - because it looks more natural and if you have a different coloured wig from your eyebrows, you can cover your eyebrows with the fringe.

I chosed a classic wig look to complement my classic Lolita dress.
Dark Brown Wig from Ebay 8.54 USD
And of course I need a pretty bow!
I couldn't find a matching bow to the dress print anywhere on the internet (I think the Infanta dress print I chose is from last season). So I bought a bargain Velvet Big Bow from Ebay.
Cream White Velvet Bow from Ebay 4.99 USD
I also bought my bloomers from Ebay.
White bloomers with heart pocket approx. 24 USD (incl postage)
From the local Swedish thrift store - the Red Cross - I stumbled upon this darling real leather Grandma Handbag. It needs a little TLC and something Lolita added to it, but it cost only 30 SEK (4.6 USD)
Granny bag in real leather from the local thrift store - 4.6 USD
I'm thinking of adding some jewellery to my handbag: maybe something like this:
Classic lolita brown flower pearl tassel 18.99 USD
And my petticoat is from the Salvation Army, it cost 40 SEK (6.1 USD).
Petticoat from VILA found at the Salvation Army for 6.1 USD
So all in all, my whole first outfit cost me ca 1750 SEK or 269 USD. That is including postage and a parcel insurance for 5 USD at Taobao (Don't know if it was worth it, but I'm better safe than sorry!)

269 USD for the first Lolita outfit is rather cheap - Just to buy a lucky pack from a brand with perhaps 1 skirt or 1 blouse costs often even more. I could probably gotten a cheaper dress, but I'm not sure I would be happy with the quality.
So I feel very satisfied with the end costs!

I'll be even more satisfied when the mail comes with all my lovely new stuff! :D

And then I will post all the REVIEWS - of course! :D
<3 BIG HUGZ <3

Ps. Now I just have to get my paws on this one: Infanta's Cinderella Embroidery Coat! I LOVE!

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