Thursday, 8 August 2013

Kawaii Licca boasted success over seducive Barbie in Japan

Did you know that Japan has their own indigenous successful Barbie-like doll? She is called "Licca Kayama" and was originally created after heroines in Shojo Manga, popular in Japan in the 1960s when the first Licca-doll was released.

Licca in a Lolita-inspired dress
Apparently Licca was more successful than Barbie due to the fact that she more similarly resembled Japanese idols with her petite appearance and her young age (11). Personally, I believe that the Starry-Big-Manga eyes are the main feature of  her success! :D

Philosophically, Licca portrays the Japanese dream of Kawaii; eternal pre-pubertal youth and eminent sweetness. In contrast, Barbie - the westerners ideal dream girl - is more grown up and portrays larger-than-life glamour (and bosom).

Here is an excellent blogpost about Licca, with lots of beautiful pictures and an interview with a collector!

I especially love these pictures of an almost-sweet-lolita-style (they rarely get the Lolita style all right when it comes to dolls and anime or manga - she's showing of a bit too much skin for my taste ;).

Licca with pink hair and a fabulously over sized bow! (Copyright Kawaii Otaku 2013)

Licca stands in stark contrast to Barbie:

Photo from Elaine Eeksvärd

The question is what Licca would look like when she grows up? 
Would she look like Barbie?

No, actually she wouldn't! This is what grown ups in Liccas world looks like, still sweet and Japanese! I love the grandma :) She's just how I would picture a Japanese lady :)
Still, there are plenty of similarities between Barbie and Licca. They are both girlygirl dolls with conservative values. And please - WHY does the company announce how much Licca weighs?! (See top photo, 34 kg) That's just plain stupid and weird! No healthy 11-year old should be occupied of how much she or he weighs!

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