Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Bargain Ebay Hunting: Sweet Heart Bloomers REVIEW!

So my bloomers have finally arrived from Ebay!

Link to seller

I bought them from Ebay for 157 SEK /24 USD /15.5£ including postage.

They are available in a range of sizes - XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and they can even tailor make them for you, and it doesn't cost anything extra!

I am 176 cm tall and I weigh 70 kg, so I got the XL size for comfort (you don't want your bloomers to sit too tight!)

I fell for these bloomers because they where affordable and have such a cute heart pocket <3

They arrived in a soft package from DHL, which was kind of an inconvenience for me, because if they had sent it with the ordinary post, the postman would have delivered the package to my door.

Now I had to walk an extra 6 km the wrong direction to another part of town to fetch the packet. But maybe that says something about how sparse the DHL delivery centers are in my city, not the choice of delivery method (which was excellent, quick and traceable).

Packed out! What I immediately noticed was the lace - it is of good quality, nice and soft - but the hue is slightly off white/ ivory - so it doesn't quite match the very white cotton in the pants.
On the Ebay picture of the product this does not show!

I like ivory tones, so I was actually happily surprised, but for all you Lolita's out there who wants the white-white, you should probably not order this product!

Here's a detail of the lace and ribbon. I liked the hue of the pink ribbon, but the quality of the ribbon was pretty ordinaire.

And the heart pocket is so adorable!

But then I noticed something really wierd...

There was a tag in the back that simply and carelessly has been ripped off?!
Is this some kind of stolen goods? Are they maybe really brand bloomers?
The questions are many... but the fact remains that there is a really itchy, awful and ugly ripped off label in the back... *sigh* I have to remove the pieces myself...

And these are the bloomers on! The cotton is still a bit stiff on this photo, but after I washed it, it was much better!

To summarise my review:
Cutesy affordable bloomers with some small issues...

Ebay seller: 5/5 - Quick delivery, great response.
Did the product match the selling photo? 3/5 - No, it didn't. The lace was a different hue and the ripped off tag in the back is really awkward.
Quality: 3/5 - Nothing extraordinary, the sewing seems good.
Comfort: 3/5 - After wearing them for a day I concluded the following: The lace is soft, but after a while it is a bit itchy, and the elastic waist band is a bit stiff. Even though I got a bigger size than was recommended, the waistband cuts in a little bit - not much, but still a little. But the cotton is very nice! Even when you are not in Lolita, they are great to wear under skirts when you are riding a bicycle.
Price compared to quality: 4/5 - the fact that they can tailor-make them for you, is a great deal.

Feels alright after a day! :D

1 year update: 
The bloomers have all but fallen apart :) These are really Lolita-newbie bloomers XD 
And I have so moved forward from these. 
I've bought a pair from metamorphose that I really enjoy, but my secret dream is to purchase a pair from Atelier Dormir! Laelette makes the most wonderful creations and I'm really hoping she will expand her brand to encompass dresses soon as well :D

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