Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Older Lolitas, How old can you be for Lolita? Is there a "too old" for Lolita? About Lady Lolitas'.

There has been some discussions on EGL and FB about when you are "too old for Lolita".

Some say 20, some say 30, some say 40 ... etc.

But most say, you are never too old for Lolita! :D

And this isn't just a naïve, romantic view, I dare say.
I must argue, that at least here in Europe, you could easily dress Lolita 'til you die - even be buried in it.

Just because you are older, doesn't mean that you still can't be cute :)
A lot of older women collect porcelain dolls and teddy bears.

THE Classic Lolita. Original! 
She most likely DIY:ed the embroidery on her JSK ;)

And we are an ageing Lolita population.
A lot of girls that started wearing Lolita in their 20's probably won't stop wearing the style just because they turn a certain age.

I believe that the main reasons that Lolitas' stop wearing the style is because they change their life in a way that doesn't complement the fashion. Or they're just tired of it. I don't think anyone would ever give up their favourite interest just because they are told from others they are "too old" (and stay happy with their choice). Especially Lolita fashion, since it's rather non-conform as it is.

The best arguement I've heard about Lolita and "certain age" is that actually most of the Lolita clothes are designed for children no more than 5 years old! Just look at Sugary Carnival - it's a print for a baby's room (no more than 3 years - TOPS!) So even if you are 15, you are "too old" for Lolita. So there is no logic in  the sense of drawing lines between age and Lolita fashion.

These ladies may might as well be dressed in Angelic Pretty!
And I mean, seriously - think of the endless possibilities when being older and wearing Lolita - you will be more mature and people will hopefully not harass you as easily as when you are young, you have a certain authority that only comes with age and think of the greater budget that you will possess that you can splurge on brand and seamstresses sewing up your dream dresses!

You could travel the world attending Lolita-meets, live in Victorian hotel-rooms, sip tea from antique china and play bridge and cricket with your Lolita friends... -Life would be a party!

(I'm actually starting too look forward to becoming a Lady Lolita now... :)

I believe that we are going to see a lot more elderly Lolitas' as decades pass.
Just check out the mainstream fashion industry!
Lots and lots of women in their 70s and 80s are better dressed than their 20s-something fashion peers :)

Fannie Kirst
Bridget, Sue and Daphne - Fabulous Fashionistas
Could pass as Punk/Goth Lolita - just add a petti :)
I want to call them "Lady Lolitas'", and really show my greatest respect to women who have mastered Lolitas' fashion for so many years.

Here are some inspirational photos of one of my favourite Lady Lolita,
Mary Alice from Arsenic and Old Lace!

With love /Mary Hazelbelle


  1. Thank you for this post. :)

    I am in my upper 30's, getting close to my 40's. I feel unfortunate to have only discovered Lolita a couple of years ago. It could be said that the classical/floral look of Lolita has always been my style, it just didn't exist anywhere, or at least that was my knowledge. So instead, I have for years resigned myself to a life of jeans and T-shirts. Coming so late into this, I feel the need to gather pieces quickly before I am too old looking to pull them off. I am fortunate to be blessed with a rather young looking face, however, the crow's feet have been making their way in the last couple of years! :(

    When I first discovered Lolita, I wanted to look nice in it, so I began doing my best to lose weight. I had just never cared enough before. I have lost 55 pounds over the last couple of years. In a culture of "the now woman," have those of us who really just want to be traditionally feminine, frills and bows, been left behind? Perhaps. I'm happy to wear these kinds of dresses, even if it seems strange to the mainstream culture. Wanting to look pretty and feminine shouldn't be strange.


    Mrs. A------

    1. Reading this comment makes me so happy, that you've also thought about this subject. I absolutely feel like you - I feel like the girly-girl woman is pushed aside by minimalistic modern-day pseudo-feminist arguments - that in order to be "equal" in todays' society, you have to be a man :P

      Which is completely wrong, because it implies that girly-girlness is something wrong, and has a lower social status. Feminism is about being able to be whoever you want to be, no matter your sex! It is about being able to make whatever choices you wish to do, no matter your sex. Being a girly-girl woman is really cool, since you partly embrace the beauty that you love and partly allow yourself to take place in a crowded room - Lolita women are noticed!

      And dressing to your nines is also an excellent way to show the world that you care about yourself. I love getting all fussed up in Lolita, it makes me so happy to sit in the cloudy mist of organza tulle, that my petticoat creates. I love to pay attention to detail and I love to care for my clothes in a way that I don't have to with my jeans and tees...

      This style has truly enriched my life with something more, and I'm so glad it has done the same for you :)

      Let's keep up the beauty, and not let anyone tell us to dress "age-appropriate" or "non-girly", and just keep up dressing the way we love 'til we leave this world (or get tired of it and want to try something else LOL ;) <3 <3 <3 BIG HUGS!!! <3 <3 <3


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