Saturday, 17 August 2013

Innocent World Antique Book Bag look-a-likes - A collection of Book Bags

My dream bag...
Since I saw Innocent Worlds beautiful chocolate Antique Book bag I really felt like I must have it...
Since it was released in 2010 it has been re-released in different patterns, i.e. Rose Lace:

Rose Lace Book Bag
On my quest to find it on the internet I discovered that several brands or NO-brands have made their own version of it! Some are pretty much "copies" and some are just PU messenger bags where they have printed a book front on top of the flap.

I've roamed the internet - so here's a collection of Book Bags for you!
Alice in Wonderland Chronicle Book Bag from Jill Punk X Loli on Ebay (35 USD)
Cinderella Coach bag from Jill Punk X Loli on Ebay (35 USD)
Infanta Alice Book Bag from Clobba Online (32 USD)
Great Love Poems: Handmade and unique from Etsy (335 SEK/51 USD)
Great Composers Handmade and unique from Etsy (51 USD)
Alice messenger bag from Ebay (42 USD)
Messenger bag  Ebay (40 USD)
Steampunk stories from Rebelsmarket (374 SEK/57 USD)
Vampire Chronicles from Rebelsmarket (374 SEK/ 57 USD)
Alice in wonderland from Rebelsmarket (374 SEK/ 57 USD)
Small messenger bag from Ebay (70 USD)
Dark Poetry from Restyle (47 USD)
Magic Spells from Restyle (47 USD)
Book of Shadows from Restyle (47 USD)
Antique Book Style mini handbag from Strapya (23.60 USD)
Messenger bag Diary from Aliexpress (23 USD)
La Grimoire de Lolita - from Loli-Loli paradise (from 2012, probably not available anymore)

And finally... Here's a link to a great tutorial how to make your own Book Bag!

Please comment to me if you find more Book Bags! :D I'll add them to the collection!

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