What is Korona?

Kumamiki - Party Baby

Korona means an adult with a kid's heart. 

Kumamiki, fashion designer and mother of the fashion brand Party Baby created the word to picture her customers and muses in art and style.

Raised in Japan, to become an adult in Japan seemed daunting - endless work hours in gray office boxes, conformed morning exercises, boring polyester suits and sucking up to the boss...

Kumamiki "Double Tee #2"
Yet Kumamiki did meet other adults, adults who loved there jobs, and had fun while working, bringing in elements of creativity, fantasy and fun to their everyday life.

She thought - maybe this isn't so bad, after all :) there is a choice! 
And she created the word korona.

I think korona applies to all us lovers of Japanese street style, we love to play and we don't care about conforming to boring norms just for the sake of it. 

We create bubbles of imagination and sparkle up life.
We live.

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