Friday, 30 August 2013

REVIEW of Pink Ribbon Boutique on Ebay/ Etsy; Broken chains and ugly crudeness

I really WANT to like this store, I mean I love the business card slogan:
"Jewellery for girls born with glitter in their veins" 
and the rainbow and the unicorn...

And I love that I managed to find a JEM and a Rainbow Brite necklace...

But sadly, Pink Ribbon Boutique has a very low quality standard.

The Jem necklace is crude in its finish. The middle part doesn't really fit the frame and the chain is awful - cheap and ugly. When I'm wearing the necklace, it somehow always twists so the back is facing forward - highly irritating! The fastenings are really ungracefully done, bits of metal sticking out. :( 

The Rainbow Brite necklace is BROKEN when I receive it! The chain is off, and one of the links is still in the plastic bag it came with. Here again, I notice crudeness, because the Rainbow Brite picture is too small for the frame and it is just glued in "the middle" (slightly off center!) in the frame.

I was really sad, because even the Cherry earrings was of low quality.

Where I've marked with an arrow there is a chunk of black plastic fused to the cherry that doesn't come off and is really ugly. The metal in the earrings look cheap (irregular colour) and doesn't have the same high quality shine as NiNEFRUiTSPiE's earrings.

I'm very disappointed with the store items quality.

I am not going to buy from this store again and I do not recommend you to buy from this store either, if you care about quality.

I am going to have to mend the Rainbow Brite necklace and change the chain on the Jem necklace.

I feel that I want to give the store only 1/5, but since the items arrived alright and the packaging was good; I have to give them 2/5.

I paid £12 for all three items and £4-5 for postage. Unfortunately it was a waste of money.

Did the items match the pictures on Ebay? 2/5 No. The low quality was not perceived through Ebays pictures.
Where the items of good quality? 1/5 Very poor quality, broken chains and careless made.
How was the sellers communication? 3/5 Nothing bad or good.
Cost versus quality? 1/5 Terrible!

I do not recommend this seller. :(

Etsy shop NiNEFRUiTSPiE delivery and REVIEW! :D

Today I received my package from Etsy Shop NiNEFRUiTSPiE!

Wonderful Claudia at NiNE FRUiTS PiE has made a lovely package, wrapped up in black and white silk paper and matching washi tape:

You can clearly tell that Claudia has put a lot of effort in packaging the goods both safely and beautifully.

Inside the package was my handmade skirt, earrings and not only one - but two surprise gifts!

It was a pretty kawaii Hello Kitty hair bow (with both alligator clip and safety pin!) and a really cute pink mobile phone dust stop charm.

The skirt is so pretty! I really love the mint lace and cute naïve fairy pattern! This is very Korona - it is like a page from a children's book!

Skirt detail. The seams are good, sometimes they deviate a little - Claudia may not yet be a pro seamstress, but for a handmade skirt I find that +/- 5% deviation of the seams is absolutely OK! (And only noticeable if you look at all the seams very carefully).

So cute mousy-earrings!

And my absolute favourite - the Game boy Game Over earrings!!!
They are actually the reason to why I bought from Nine Fruits Pie.
I really love the design and the colour! :D

Both the earrings are allergy-friendly too :D I easily get a rash from the metal in cheap earrings, but I didn't notice any itching from these earrings and I wore them all day long! :D

Claudia had sent two very cute handwritten notes, too:

I'm definitely going to enter the competition as soon as my other Fairy Kei clothes arrive!

I really admire how talented a lot of people on Etsy are!

I'm very pleased with my order from NiNEFRUiTSPiE and I will most certainly order from Claudia again! :)

Did the items match the pictures on Etsy? 5/5 Absolutely!
Where the items of good quality? 5/5 Very good quality
How was the sellers communication? 5/5 plus stars for all the cute notes! :)
Cost versus quality? 5/5 Absolutely affordable!

I'm giving NiNEFRUiTSPIE 5 out of 5 Hazelbelle nuts! :D

I highly recommend everyone to buy from this store (:

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

It's cheaper to fly to Japan than to buy Innocent Worlds Lucky Pack B online! :O

I've been looking at different Lolita brand sites overseas, mostly in Japan, and I really feel that Innocent Worlds Lucky Pack B is something for a beginner Lolita such as myself.

I've been planning to save up for it when it's on sale this Christmas - 52 500 Yen (3500 SEK) is a fantastic price for that amount of clothing.

But, when you add up shipment costs, declaration fee, the post office fee and sales taxes (25% in Sweden) you end up on a neat sum of 10 000 SEK!!!!!!!!!!! (150 372 Yen!!!!)

(Try it out yourself - I calculated it on Tullverkets site) Everything that has a value greater than 300 SEK has a fee of 25% moms (shopping tax) and everything with a value of 1300 SEK or more has an import fee, plus the expiditon fee of 100 SEK from the post office. (Gifts are free of charge up to 400 SEK).

3 times the price...

And suddenly it is NOT such a sweet deal any more.

So... I had this crazy idea! What if I travelled to Japan and bought the Lucky Pack in store and THEN travelled home?!?! :D

Actually, my crazy idea costs just the same amount! A quick look at cheap airline tickets can get me from Arlanda (Stockholm, Sweden) to Tokyo (Japan) for less than 1000 Dollars (<6 520 SEK).

The lucky pack is available for 3500 SEK and it would be cheap if I just went back and forth on the airplane. (ca 10 000 SEK)

But what if I spent 2-3 days in Japan? Of course there is the cost for hotel, transfer, food and maybe a little Sanrio shopping... ;)

Yet in rough terms - instead of buying the clothes online, I could very well have a holiday, in Japan, for say... 3000 - 4000 SEK!

Because I am allowed to bring goods to a value of 4300 SEK when I travel from Japan without paying anything extra...

I have always wanted to travel to Japan! :D

It is still a lot of money - a budget of 13 000 - 15 000 SEK for the trip, including the Lucky Pack, is what it will most certainly cost.

But still, then I'm at least NOT throwing my money away on customs and taxes ^^

Hmmm... Maybe this is a plan? :D Maybe if I start saving up now, I could go to Japan for IWs Summer Lucky Pack? :)

That would be so AWZUM!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Innocent World Antique Book Bag look-a-likes - A collection of Book Bags

My dream bag...
Since I saw Innocent Worlds beautiful chocolate Antique Book bag I really felt like I must have it...
Since it was released in 2010 it has been re-released in different patterns, i.e. Rose Lace:

Rose Lace Book Bag
On my quest to find it on the internet I discovered that several brands or NO-brands have made their own version of it! Some are pretty much "copies" and some are just PU messenger bags where they have printed a book front on top of the flap.

I've roamed the internet - so here's a collection of Book Bags for you!
Alice in Wonderland Chronicle Book Bag from Jill Punk X Loli on Ebay (35 USD)
Cinderella Coach bag from Jill Punk X Loli on Ebay (35 USD)
Infanta Alice Book Bag from Clobba Online (32 USD)
Great Love Poems: Handmade and unique from Etsy (335 SEK/51 USD)
Great Composers Handmade and unique from Etsy (51 USD)
Alice messenger bag from Ebay (42 USD)
Messenger bag  Ebay (40 USD)
Steampunk stories from Rebelsmarket (374 SEK/57 USD)
Vampire Chronicles from Rebelsmarket (374 SEK/ 57 USD)
Alice in wonderland from Rebelsmarket (374 SEK/ 57 USD)
Small messenger bag from Ebay (70 USD)
Dark Poetry from Restyle (47 USD)
Magic Spells from Restyle (47 USD)
Book of Shadows from Restyle (47 USD)
Antique Book Style mini handbag from Strapya (23.60 USD)
Messenger bag Diary from Aliexpress (23 USD)
La Grimoire de Lolita - from Loli-Loli paradise (from 2012, probably not available anymore)

And finally... Here's a link to a great tutorial how to make your own Book Bag!

Please comment to me if you find more Book Bags! :D I'll add them to the collection!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Crazy and Sweet - Music Box Music! Angel's Music Box on Spotify

When listening to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, I was browsing around the "related artists" section and dawned upon this selection of Music Box Music!

Aaahhh... Remember? ;)
Just like the Sweet Ballerina Box that held all of your favourite trinkets when you were 6, this music is crazy nostalgic, yet completely fresh because it's all about covers of original music!

There's one Kyary Pamyu Pamyu album, one on One Piece, and all your other Japanese favourite artists as long as with a few "Rock Classics" such as Beatles, Sting and The Eagles and a few KPOP albums!

Crazy and Sweet, when you are feeling totally irresistibly sugar-coated, maybe bordering a bit to monomania, listen to Angel's Music Box ;) 

Must have items... Innocent worlds book handbag

Of course I seem to fall in love with items that already have been released and are nowhere to be seen! 

...but now, I really MUST HAVE the Innocent World book handbag! It was released in 2010, so hopefully some Lolita out there is getting tired of it and wants it to come to a new caring, loving and cherishing home ;) place :3

I'd love to theme it up with Juliette et Justine's library skirt!

Check out these beautiful coordination's with the Innocent Worlds book handbag:

Autumn in Paris!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

The guide to comfortable Lolita shoes

This is an image heavy post :) Hope you like it! Please feel free to comment :)

This guide is divided in to three sections:
>A debate about the lack of real leather in Lollie shoes<
*Comfort tips for any new Lolita shoe!*
#Real leather Lolita shoe tips with pictures and links to online shops#
So many pretty shoes!
Yet all of them are made of plastic...
>I've been thinking about Lolita shoes lately<

My friend is a true shoe nerd. He would never-ever buy anything in PU leather, yet alone in low quality leather - thin leather that scratches easily. His dream shoes are handmade by real shoemakers, such as John Lobb.

Lolita's are all about high quality, fancy brand dresses that sell for 2500 SEK, high quality lace that doesn't scratch your skin, handmade bows, accessories etc etc...
So why does the Lolita society succumb to PU leather? Why are the plastic fantastic shoes so popular?

I guess the answer to the question is simple: There are no high quality real leather Lolita marketed shoes out there! And even though there are a few Lolita's that wear the fashion everyday, most Lolita´s simply only wear their shoes for a day or two, when dressing up.
90s Chunky Leather Heels
The Lolita shoe style with the rounded toe and the clumsy heel, was a mainstream fashion of the 90's, and the retro mainstream fashionistas have not yet flicked the eyes toward the thick, chunky heels... (YET. Give it a few years and you'll see Lolita style shoes and boots everywhere ;)

A lot of lifestyle Lolita's do think that the PU shoes are comfortable and wear them a lot. But, as often as I hear praise for the PU, I hear girls (and boys) moan and complain about blisters, the lack of breathing from the shoes material and general dissatisfaction.
Honey Cross Shoes
I do find the lack of real leather (which for me stands for high quality) in Lolita shoes rather odd. And that even brand shoes are sold in PU? (I've seen some with leather lining, however - but still!) That's just plain strange and it seems very overpriced for a piece of plastic.
There should at least be a choice! 

But as I ventured online shops I did notice how difficult it is to find good shoes, in real leather, in pastel colours. White is common, as is various shades of brown, red and black - but the baby pastels are rare (except at modcloth)!
Please post if you find real leather Lolita shoes in pastels online!

The Classic or Gothic Lolita seems to have a wither range of choices than the Sweet Lolita.

*The key to all comfortable shoes are the following:*
1) That they fit your feet! Lolita shoes are often made for Asian feet - short and wide, while many European/ American girls have long, slender feet. And if you are inbetween sizes, always choose the bigger size ^^ - over a day your feet will swell up slightly, because standing up causes blood to gather in your feet.

2) That the sole is thick enough! Cheap shoes sometimes have very thin soles, making you feel every sharp stone as you walk down to the meet-up... A thin sole can be compensated by a separate inner sole; but then you must buy a bigger size shoe to fit the sole!

3) Mary Janes are the best! (And the most beautiful and classic style for Lolita) Open shoes, such as ballerinas without straps or high heels without a front are devastating to walk in, because your foot doesn't necessarily stay put in the shoe ;) Especially if you have heels, you automatically involuntarily cramp with your toes not to drop your shoes with every step! This leads of course to stressed feet muscles and PAAAAAIN... o___O

Think about it, try out your shoes at home :) Adding some extra straps to your open shoes or an extra insole to your thin-soled shoes is a great way to add comfort!

If you have a pair of shoes that you know that you get blisters from (or if it is the first time you wear a pair of shoes), save yourself a lot of pain by just prepping your feet with extra plasters at home!
Ballet dancers know how to prep their feet!
The key to find real leather Lolita shoes online are the search words, use "genuine leather", "real leather" and "100% leather". When you come by a nice shoe that you like, look for "leather upper", "leather insole" etc. Man-made, PU, "Japanned leather", "patent leather" and "other materials" are words for plastic - that's all right for the shoes outer sole. (Leather soles are difficult to wear! You can for example not wear leather soles on a rainy day (they get ruined!), and they are very slippery to walk in - this is therefore common in dance shoes, because you only wear them inside.)

A textile lining is also all right for leather shoes because the textil + leather combo breathes nicely.

Secret Shops popular bootleg of Baby's Tea Party Shoes
The common aesthetics for a Lolita shoe is such:
1) Round, closed toe
2) Low, flat or chunky heels
3) Decorative ornaments such as bows, lace, straps, string etc.

Essentially the toddler/baby shoe Mary Jane is the model for Lolita aesthetics:
Silk baby shoes
If you have smaller sized feet I guess you always could rumble the children's section, but for the rest of us...
I've made a small online guide.
Don't forget that taxes and postage may be added to the price!

First of all - you'll need clip-on bows to get the right Lolita aesthetics :). Clip-on bows are a great way of getting the most out of your shoe! You can easily change colours to match your outfit, or even mood :).
Classic Lolitas doesn't have to add bows, but they still might want too...

You can buy them online, reuse one from a dress you bought or create your own.
Generally it is smart if the clip is vertical to the bow, to fasten the bow properly on the shoe.

But the T-bar shoes are great, 'cause it's simple to attach an ordinary hair bow to the bar.
Clip on Baby bow tie
I generally prefer a bow with a good clasp on the back, they seem to be the most sturdy.
If you prefer something more permanent, you can just stick the bows or whatever on to your shoe with a glue gun!
Clip-on Shoe ribbon with clasp from Monki
All of the below real leather Lolita-wannabe shoes stay in an affordable midrange price (from 50 USD/ 327 SEK/ £32 to ca 200 USD/ 1300 SEK/ £129), so everyone has the ability to buy one pair of good Lolita shoes!
Joy and Merriment Flat in Café 57.99 USD
#1) Indie brands!
Check out Etsy, Ebay, Aliexpress, small boutiques, up and coming designers :D
Genuine Leather Lolita Shoes from Aliexpress
#2) Jeffrey Campbell
Well known amongst fashionistas for making fabulous shoes that you can actually walk in, Jeffrey Campbell has something for every Lolita!
Carmilla Boot 203.99 USD
Life of the party planner 159.99 USD
Principal dancer flat 114.99 USD
Amuse Mint Park Flat 139.99 USD

Cherry Jam Heels 159.99 USD
Jeffrey Campbell Refresher Course Flat 106.99 USD
Delightful droplets Cherry Wedge 124.99 USD
#3) Irregular Choice
Irregular choice makes comfortable and fun shoes in great styles!

#3) Modcloth
Shoes, retro and vintage! They have a huge selection of every different kind of vintage items.
And they even have pastel flats! :D

Stroll in time heel 186.99 USD
Delightful Footsteps 89.99 USD
Brocade for each other Heel 76.99 USD
Out in the open house Flats 109.99 USD
Home made Ice Cream flat in mint 37.99 USD

Plie Date Flat 114.99 USD
Stylish step in rose 69.99 USD
Parade my day heels 187.99 USD
Bow N Places 134.99 USD
Gift-wrapped perfection heel 89.99 USD
#4) Hush Puppies
Hush Puppies Lolita pump bow £65
Hush puppies are very comfortable shoes, and they have loads of beautiful models for a Lolita. Most shoes come with a little heel, but they have many flats as well. These shoes are truly made for walking and standing all day long!

But, unfortunately I did see that a LOT of the Hush Puppies shoes have a wooden heel, which may or may not coordinate with your outfit...
Hush Puppies Lonna £65 - Add a bow! Or two! :D
#5) Ecco
Ecco has flats and low heels in leather that are very comfortable. Besides red, brown and black they have some odd yellow, green and blue hues.

Ecco Sculptured 1000 SEK/ £98 - TIP! Change the shoe lace to a beautiful satin ribbon :D
Ecco Pawi 1200 SEK/ £118 - something for the Classic Lolita
#6) Dansko
Although they originally are a clog-company, they have lately made lighter and sweeter shoes.

#7) Clarks
Mostly boring mainstream shoes, but they occasionally have a good Mary Jane for Lollies.

#8) Dr Martens
Don't think that Dr Martens are all clumsy boots! They have very comfortable Mary Janes, mostly black or muted colour schemes, but keep your fingers crossed that they will release more!
Dr Martens Mariel Shoe £90
And here are some high end brands to dream for!
Little Bunny Shoes 249.99 USD
205 Euro - Repetto Mary Jane Lio
Something for the EGL or Aristocrat :)
Miu Miu
Miu Miu - 590 USD

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