Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A picture of a Lolita I would like to meet for real!

Oh, I have a looong list of Lolitas I would want to meet for real!!!

So, I'm going to spice up this challenge a bit :)
I'm going to pair up my favourite Lolita + place + venue!

Here we go:

1) MissyTetra + CafĂ© + Friend Date

I would love to sit down and have a nice cup of tea with Tasha!
Just kind of interview here about life, and what she thinks about Lolita :)
I believe she's got so much experience and ideas - I would love to pick her brain!!! ^^

2) Princess Peachie + Friends House + Birthday Party

I want to play birthday games with Princess Peachie! It would be so much fun to pass the parcel, do bobbing apples, pin the tail on the MLP FiM characters' together with her!!! :D

3) Vanessa Lopa + Club Dance Floor + Raging Night Out

I want to go clubbing with Vanessa Lopa!!! We would have the best night out ever and we wouldn't stop dancing until the crack of dawn ;) or until all of our false eyelashes fall off - nah, we wouldn't stop dancing then either ;)

4) Lovely Lor + An Old American Truck + Road Trip!

All the crazy stuff we would do together, Lovely Lor and I :D 
It would totally be hilarious, mad and above all - crammed-up memories for a life-time!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A picture of my room

So - what does my room look like? :)

My boyfriend loves interior decoration (and tweed clothes - but that's a different blog post ;)

In the last apartment we shared, EVERYTHING was white: the floors, the walls, our furniture... It was kinda cool, but we really got tired of it and decided to do something different in our new apartment.

So, we decided to keep our white furniture, but add some depth with the black wallpaper with big Ol' English flowers.

This is what you see immediately when you enter the room :) We have an enormous bed :) 

A beautiful 1920s vintage underdress I bought in a Flee Market for only 40 SEK! (£4/6USD) I don't dare to wear it (It's got some delicate handmade lace) but I like having it on show, like art :)

My shrine ;) LOL I try to keep all my trinkets in one place, else they tend to pile up everywhere ;) I love all the small boxes that I fill with jewellery! I usually buy them when I'm abroad, I've bought boxes in England, Greece, Morocco, Hong Kong and Brazil - but I bet most of them are made in China anyway ;)

<3 Lovely MLP and HKs <3

I collected all the MLP FiMs when I was studying for an exam - everyday I had been studying good, I got to buy a pony :) It worked! I passed the exam! :)

The sculpture of a girl reading is a gift from my grandma - she thought it looks likes me :) I always seem to have my nose in my books ;)

Some pottery I made. A cute little lamb maybe? :)

 Sculpture of a wheat seed that I made in Art School.

 I love this pair of money banks that me and my brother got when we lived in Hong Kong. I'm not sure if he knows that I took his when I moved ;) haha

My mum made this top box! It contains a pair of 1920s earrings that she got me for my birthday :)

Box from Grandma! 

I keep all my pearls in it :)

Granddad made the painting. Mum gave my the Lavender Olive Oil soap, she told me in order to make it "saponificate" it should stand and "dry up"... It smells lovely!

My BF found this cute hat for me in a Vintage store! The stone box is a gift from a friend when she went to India. We hide the keys to the cupboard there.

That's my room :)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

10 songs that inspire me for Lolita

10 songs that inspire me for Lolita!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is of course the natural choice for this playlist - but seriously - you lot are already listening to her ;) So I'm going to list a few, maybe not so known, favourites instead!

Sweet, fun and romantic - this is my Lolita playlist :)

:D Click the headings for YouTube links! :D

#1 Ookina Ai de Motenashite - C-ute

Japanese Bubble Gum Pop in it's essential form!
I love the energy in this song and of course - all the Barbie Pink! :D

#2 I feel pretty - West Side Story
If you're dancing with petticoats - You're doing it right ;)

#3 MC Melod¥ Doll - Throw it in the Bag
Brand Whore - Say no more! :D

#4 Konichiwa Bitches - Robyn

I essentially love everything Robyn does, she's pure talent.

#5 Marshmallow - IU
Crazy Sweet K-POP

#6 Mera Ada Bhi (Ready) 2011

Bollywood JOY! :D

#7 Come What May - Moulin Rouge

Sweet, soft, dramatic romance...

#8 Nocturne op. 9 no. 2 - Chopin

I love piano :)

#9 Pride and Prejudice - Main theme

Film scores are such a perfect way to put you in a certain mood...
This makes me feel so romantic :)

#10 A Sort of Fairytale - Tori Amos

If you've never listened to Tori Amos before, I strongly recommend you to do so NOW.
She is one of the most influential singer/songwriters of this century...
Very few qualify to her musical standard.
If you have the chance to see her live - just go.


Friday, 4 October 2013

10 things I hate about Lolita /get most annoyed with...

This blog topic should cover "The 10 things I hate most about Lolita".

But hate is such a strong word... I really don't use that word unless it is against child rapists and such... So I made my most annoyed list instead ^^

The top 10 things I get most annoyed about with Lolita!

#1 Japanese Brand Sizes
#2 Accessories that follow the laws of gravity: OTK socks, eyelashes, wigs...
#3 Public reactions when I wear Lolita fashion
#4 Expensive Lolita clothes with crappy quality
#5 When sellers post an original picture and you receive something quite different...
#6 Those who believe that Lolitas must follow the same cookie-cut shape
#7 People who think that Lolita's are looking for fetisch sexual attention or that Lolita is anti-feminist
#8 Wearing Lolita in hot weather
#9 The lack of real leather Lolita shoes
#10 Caring for your delicate Lolita clothes

#1 Japanese Brand Sizes

OMG! Asian brand sizes are so tiiiiny... Being nearly 5'10" (176 cm) It's almost impossible for me to buy brand ...

Brand sizes makes me feel like a humongous giant!

#2 Accessories following the laws of gravity: OTK socks, eyelashes, wigs...

Oh, If things just could stay in place...
Don't fall down!!!

Not again!

#3 Public reactions when I wear Lolita
(c) Parfaitdoll
Even when public reactions are kind, I find it really awkward to always have to receive comments on my outfit from total strangers.

I really don't want that kind of attention, it just makes me feel out of place.

The first time a went out in Lolita, I received maybe 10 comments within an hour! Most of them were very sweet - for example a guy who with an admiring voice said "-Wow, straight from Japan!".

But I also received negative comments, from two older ladies who "supposedly" were talking between each others, but loud enough for me to hear, when they walked by: "-That's just disgusting!"

I also get those totally out of the place comments, like "But you're not petite, you can't be a Lolita" (middle-aged woman) and "But you don't look like a Lolita, 'cause you are not Japanese!" (Also a middle-aged woman).

Not putting all middle aged women under bad light, the first comment I received in Lolita was from a lady down the street who tilted her head, gave me an ear-to-ear smile and said with all the love from her heart: "Darling, you look so sweet!" <3

Even though I mostly receive kind comments, it is somewhat of a challenge to receive strangers attentions. 

I try to think of it as a test - can I stand up for myself and for the clothes that I love? :) 

#4 Expensive Lolita clothes with crappy quality
When you´re paying >150 USD for a dress and the brand doesn't even care about pattern matching or customer service, it's not fun being the customer.

Look carefully near the toes on the upper shoe in this picture...
Read about Amethyst Cithrine's horror story with Btssb 200 USD shoes that broke the first time she wore them, and she got told from customer service that her feet where too big?! (Which they weren't!) 
#5 When sellers post an original picture and you receive something quite different...
Picture on Lightinthebox on the left, actual received item to the left...
Yup, this happened to me (you can read about it here)

#6 Those who believe that all Lolita's must follow the same cookie-cut shape
(c) Peroxilocks
No, we don't all have to wear brand.
No, we don't all have to look like Misako Aoki to be able to wear Lolita.
No, we don't have to follow all the substyles strictly!

Yes, we can wear beautiful clothes, and feel good about it.
Yes, we can be small, tall, plus sized, wear glasses, have short hair...
Yes, we can fuse substyles and create new ones!

#7 People who think that Lolita's are looking for fetisch sexual attention or that Lolita is anti-feminist

Some people (often men) believe that Vladimir Nabokov's novel is the base for Lolita fashion.

This is not true - the base of Lolita fashion is Victorian, Rococo and Edwardian period clothing. It's all about covering up, being cute instead of sexy and modest.
Lolita's do not dress up for men or anyone else but themselves.

Some people (often women) believe that cute, girly, pink and frilly are signs of anti-feminism. That to be a true women's right activist, you have to wear no make-up, cut your hair short and behave like the stereotypical male.

This is not true. Women rights is about the right to be whoever you want to be, as a women. Be it to play butch or dress up in doll clothes - the point is LIBERATION from given norms and social critique.

#8 Wearing Lolita in hot weather
Ieuw, the stench of sweat on an otherwise immaculate polyester blouse...
It is tough surviving in Lolita in hot weather - I actually rather not wear Lolita when it's hot outside :)

Since Sweden usually only has a heat wave 2 weeks a year - this really isn't a problem :) But I truly do admire all Lolitas in tropical countries!

Saphy lives in Malaysia! (31-33C when she took this picture!)
#9 The lack of real leather Lolita shoes
If you want durable shoes that breathe and are comfortable for years to come, that signal high quality and has a beautiful finish, you search for...

...PU shoes?! _PLASTIC?!_

Seriously, why doesn't even good Lolita brands put an effort in making comfortable, real leather, Lolita shoes?

I made a post about it, you can read it here.

#10 Caring for your delicate Lolita clothes

When your clothes don't tolerate water, what do you do when it rains? Or if you get a stain?

Lolita's are very careful with their clothes. Before I even had bought my first Lolita outfit, my lovely friend Ida went through all the cautious steps I must take if I want to wear my beautiful outfits more than once:

1) Never wear Lolita directly to your skin. Always wear underwear, Ida recommended to sew a simple underdress (with short sleeves) in Egyptian cotton to wear closest to your body.

2) Always shower before wearing Lolita and use an aluminium deodorant to stop perspiration before it soils your clothes!

3) Buy a small towel or table cloth that you always bring with you, if you have to sit down.

4) Get a big picnic mat if you are going to sit down in grass.

5) Sew a double (back and front) apron to your dress.

That was all! Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Please come back tomorrow and read the next blog post in the 30 day Challenge!
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