Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bodyline shoes 251 REVIEW

From Bodyline I ordered these sweet shoes, SHOES251 in brw (Brown).

I payed 40 USD + 10 USD for shipping. (350 SEK).

I have shoe size EU 40 (UK 6) and I ordered size 255, which fitted perfectly.

Lolita Memes in English
Trying to figure out which shoes size you have is kind of tricky: I used the following converter.

Bodyline has two shipping methods to choose from, and the flat rate USD 10 "Air Fee" is the most economic choice. I ordered the shoes August the 12th and received the shoes August the 29th (17 days shipping approx.)

They were delivered in a sturdy shoe box, individually wrapped in silk paper.

The bows are lovely and none detachable.

The straps are adjustable and have a great quick-pop construction:

So cute on!

The final test was a day out on town! :D

I am really not fond of PU shoes (I prefer real leather), but I must say, that even though these shoes never can be as breathing and "walk on air" as true leather shoes can be - they are VERY comfortable!

I think it has to do with the rounded toe front, they really fit my feet perfectly. 
(And of course, the fact that they are flats ;)

I used a step counter and I walked more than 10 000 steps (ca 8 km/ 5 miles) in these shoes over a day.

This is what the soles looked like after a day:

And here are the shoes after a day on town!

Some barely noticeable specs of dust, but no real signs of wear! :)

These are amazing Lolita shoes! They are comfortable, durable and really pretty.

There is only one thing that I can complain about: The PU looks really plastic.
My shoe-snob friend (who preferably would spend his days in John Lobbs) looked at the shoes and stated right away "the material looks awful"... 

I'm not quite as snobbish as he, and I love the design of the shoes, so I'm absolutely forgiving to the man-made material. But I'm not going to give the shoes the top Hazelbelle Nuts reward, since I want to save the 5/5 to shoes that breathe.

Even do I didn't get as sweaty feet as I first imagined, PU has a long way to go before I'd call it breathable.

So, these shoes receive 4 out of 5 Hazelbelle nuts! :)

>>>REVIEW UPDATE! So, I have been wearing these shoes at several occasions the past 6 months and they hardly have any scuffing! The outer material is very durable. The comfort is absolutely fantastic 5/5! I've actually walked 8 km in these shoes once (in town) and after a days walk, they still are very comfortable.
I do however find them rather difficult to coord, due to how they balance the skirts - for some skirts, these shoes doesn't flatter my legs. Sometimes I wish I bought Tea Parties instead.

(Would have got 5/5 if they were made of leather!)

Did the items match the pictures on Bodyline? 5/5 Absolutely! But the quick snaps for the straps was actually a surprise, but a positive one :).
Where the items of good quality? 5/5 Very good quality, durable - no signs of wear after a long day!
How was the sellers communication? 5/5 Very good, shipping was traceable.
Cost versus quality? 4/5 Very good value for your money!
>>>6 months update: Comfort and durability? 5/5 Very good! However they are a bit difficult to coord. I sometimes wish I bought Tea Parties instead.

I highly recommend these shoes :) to everyone!

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