Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Lolita Bag essentials - Best Lolita tip!

I really want to share some great "Don't leave the house without these in your Lolita-bag" essentials from my wise Lolita friends Ida and Mimmi!

1) A mirror
2) A comb
3) A pair of scissors
4) Eyelash-glue
5) A small towel or table cloth to sit on
6) Wet tissues

1) A mirror
Oh, without a mirror you are doomed :)
You'll need to check if everything is in place at least once an hour...

2) A comb
To tame those wild bangs on your wig!

3) A pair of scissors
 Scissors are great! You don't want threads hanging from your precious JSK!

4) Eyelash-glue
Your eyelashes will probably at some point fall off. Then you want the glue!

5) A small towel or table cloth to sit on
Having a small table cloth or towel rolled up in your handbag is great when you want to protect your Lolita clothes, if you need to sit down!

6) Wet tissues and napkins

It's so nice to have some wet wipes and tissues with you if something happens... I know you think you'll never drop that piece of chocolate mud cake on your Shiro Lolita outfit... But when you do, you'll have wet wipes ready to minimise the damage!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Coruscate Unique REVIEW - JSK

I just received my dress from Coruscate Unique.
I was so incredibly thrilled!
<3 This dress is an absolute dream dress <3

Bust 33 inch - 35 inch
Waist 28 inch - 30 inch
Length of the dress (from top shoulder) 90 cm or 35 1/4 inch

I am a 35" (bust) -30" (waist) figure, and 176 cm (5'9"),
so I knew I was taking a risk ordering this dress.

And sadly enough, it didn't fit.
I have an athletic build and rather broad rib cage.
(It's brilliant with big lungs when running 10 km,
but pretty lame when trying on Asian sized dresses :P)

I'm really sad.
This is actually the third
Lolita dress that I have bought online,
that doesn't fit.

Clearly I must stop to think that
just because I have the same size
as the Asian dressmaker says,
it doesn't mean it will fit a tall girl like me.
This dress is sewn for a petite figure, and I must realise, that I don't cut it :(

Only custome-made orders for me from now on! :P

for all you pretty petites out there, here is a review :D

Coruscate Unique is an Indonesia-based Indie Lolita Brand.
Zu and Aditya Roosandy are two young designers and entrepreneurs that have an amazing eye for what looks good in Lolita fashion :)

They have been published in magazines and have had many fashion shows :)

Wiii! :) Dream dress third from right :)

The dresses are sold through their showroom and 
different Internet shops, 
like Etsy and Facebook.

The dress cost 162 USD + 18.30 USD for shipping. In this price, a free Organza petticoat is included.
I also received a free matching ribbon, when I requested it by email. All email contact was very sweet and cheerful! :)

Nice gift wrapped box from Coruscate Unique.

Logo stamp on inner box.

 Matching ribbon on top :)

Two packets, one containing the petti and one containing JSK + ribbon.

Nice organza petticoat - giving a medium poof.


 The ribbon has lace on the diadem part, a nice touch by Coruscate Unique :)

 Lace detail.

 Detail of eyelet lace on diadem part.

 Adds from Coruscate Unique

 I loooove this print :) OMG it's just SO adorable!

 Beautiful JSK


 Very good sewing. Overlock, good shirring.

Magically soft chiffon underskirt :)!

Beautiful chiffon underskirt, in the entire JSK, adding pretty poof! :)

 Ribbon detail

 So cool print! :)
Close-up detail.


Detail of zipper. Look how well the zipper matches the dress print! :D

 Lined inside.

 The ribbon on the front is attached by hand.

No pattern-matching, but I haven't seen any Lolita brand care about that, not even the really nice brands such as Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

This is a stunning, well-made and beautiful JSK!

The matching ribbon really makes it perfect :)
I'm giving Coruscate Unique 5/5 Hazelbelle Nuts for beautiful design and excellent craftsmanship! :)

Did the items match the pictures on Etsy? 5/5 Absolutely!
Where the items of good quality? 5/5 Very good quality.
How was the sellers communication? 5/5 plus stars for all the cute emails! :)
Cost versus quality? 5/5 Absolutely affordable! Good indie-brand price.

Hope you enjoyed this review :)
'Til next time...
HUGZ/ Mary

Friday, 17 January 2014

Bodyline Lucky Pack 2014 first update

I still haven't recieved my BL LP ): , 
the tracking says it is stuck in Tokyo since the 11/1 (!)
6 days now... :P

But, I noticed a few girls have put up the contents of their LPs online!

This one is by far the worst I have seen:

She received 17 loose sleeves o_O

As the poor Lolli says: 
"I’m not sure exactly what I can do with 3 left-side and 14 right-side unattached sleeves, but I do appreciate the laugh they gave me. (≧∇≦)"

But, luckily it seems that is not all she got, she's putting up a review with the rest later.

This LP seemed nice, though :)
It contained 2 boleros, bloomers, jsk, skirt and a bag. Total 6 items!

Mis Dulces Dias

Lady Lae Lae's LP contained the following 4 items:
Skirt, Punk OP, Beige Blouse, Sweet Lolita OP

Jodies' LP also contained 4 items!
(More than the "only" 3 items that I was guessing in my first BL LP post ^^)
EGL post

Bodyline love

Kochan got a tote bag, 2 OP and a cute skirt :) Perfect for a sweet lolita!

Oh oh oh I hope my LP isn't too bad XD

Hahaha And hope they can send it from Tokyo soon!
Seriously?! What's holding it?

Big Hugz/ Mary

Click!>>> UPDATE: MY BL LP <<<Click!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Caring for your delicate Lolita clothes

This is from the Lolita Blog challenge in October, but I thought it was so good that it deserved it's own post! Thanks Ida for the tips <3.

When your clothes don't tolerate water, what do you do when it rains? Or if you get a stain?

Lolita's are very careful with their clothes. Before I even had bought my first Lolita outfit, my lovely friend Ida went through all the cautious steps I must take if I want to wear my beautiful outfits more than once:

1) Never wear Lolita directly to your skin. Always wear underwear, Ida recommended to sew a simple under dress (with short sleeves) in Egyptian cotton to wear closest to your body.
I bought a vintage under dress from Ebay.

2) Always shower before wearing Lolita and use an aluminium deodorant to stop perspiration before it soils your clothes!

3) Buy a small towel or table cloth that you always bring with you, if you have to sit down.

4) Get a big picnic mat if you are going to sit down in grass.

5) Sew a double (back and front) apron to your dress.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Please leave a comment if you have more great
tips for caring for your Lolita clothes! :D

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