Friday, 9 August 2013

Lolita secrets revealed and horrifying beauty terrors unveiled!

Have you ever looked at professional Lolita photos and felt that your petticoat doesn't poof enough?

Maybe you wonder how those girls are blessed with those almost non-human dolly eyes and perfect porcelain skin?

How their eye lashes can be so thick and long?

Were they just born very lucky?
Well, Lolita fashion insider, excellent Lolita-blogger and part-time model Victoria Suzanne 
( reveals the truth behind the daunting pictures of fab:

Did you think you could cut it with one Angelic Pretty or one btssb petticoat? They are brand petticoats after all, aren't they?

WELL, the answer is... NO.
The Lolita models use 3 thick good quality petticoats under their dresses to attire the right poof!

(This reminds me of my friend who worked with selling beds, to attain the right bedding fluff, they used 2-3 thick feather duvets - and the customer would never achieve the same poof with only one at home!)
If you want that poof, layering is the key! Picture source
Victoria herself states that she most often uses 3 petticoats herself, being an Angelic Pretty fan - the cupcake shape is essential for her style. 

And for the dolly eye look - No way it's all natural there!

The models wear circle lenses - a fashion eye lens that widens the brim of your iris,
and they may wear as many as 5 (!) pairs of false eye lashes!
For achieving the perfect porcelain doll skin, the make-up artists air brush them...
Not really my daily foundation fingerpaint routine  ;-)
As for making the dresses fit - how about an old fashioned Victorian corset in non forgiving metal that makes you swoon? Or a tomboy-bra to keep your chest small?
Breast binder
And on top of that, we of course have the retouch magic of Photoshop!  :-)

So don't give up on your outfit if it doesn't cut the pro standard,
chances are that in real life, 
your outfit might actually be better than the pro's!

And remember - you can't fit into many designer dresses if you are tall, busty, not skinny or not petite. I guess, you're not the average teenage Japanese girl!  :-) But that's alright - here's a fantastic guide how to survive as a plus size Lolita, and here a great interviews with plus size Lolitas!

On the topic of circle lenses, these posts below were the most horrific reading I did today... I think I'll pass on the lenses and stick with my granny glasses instead!
Visible corneal damage after wearing defective circle lens.
There was no way telling that it was defective before the damage happened. 

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