Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bargain make-up from Ebay - Efolar mineral blush review

I've been kind of wary of buying Asian make-up, mostly because the Swedish government is often good at screening make-up for harmful substances. There are plenty of laws in the EU and in Sweden to protect customers from make-up with dangerous ingredients.

Asia's market seems... kind of unregulated in comparison.

...But when I came by this bargained price mineral blush, I felt I had to give it a shot!

For only 17 SEK/2.48 USD (including postage!) I received this blusher in my mailbox the other day.
Mineral powder blush with sponge puff on Ebay from seller justinyrd
I love mineral make-up, it is the only make-up I can wear everyday without getting skin break-outs. I'm usually a fan of British mineral make-up brand Lily Lolo - but I get so frustrated with there pots!

When I use Lily Lolo's blushers, I have to apply the loose mineral powder with a brush from the pot - with the consequence that pink dust falls over the entire bathroom! (Yuck) 

So, this Ebay mineral blusher has a built-in puff, which might minimise the pink dust issue...

So this is what the box looked like:
Brand name "Efolar" Cheek Rouge minerals

I chose colour #4 "Matte Pink"

So this is what the product looks on the skin.

As you can see, the puff doesn't disperse the powder properly, there's a large hole in the middle were there should be make-up.

But for that kind of price, I'm willing to compromise.

As for getting pink dust all over my bathroom, this product is slightly better than the usual Lily Lolo loose mineral blush routine.

I'm wearing no other make-up but the blusher.
When I apply the blusher to my cheeks - the effect is great! :D Very natural and the shade compliments my skin perfectly. So that was very satisfying. And the blusher stays on the skin for like forever!

I can't guarantee that the blusher keeps its promise with no parabens, bismuth, oxy chloride, talc or other irritants, but I haven't experienced any rashes or break-outs with this blusher.

And I'm SO going to buy some of the other shades as well :)


Did the items match the pictures on Etsy? 5/5 Absolutely!
Where the items of good quality? 5/5 Very good quality.
How was the sellers communication? 5/5 Great!
Cost versus quality? 5/5 Absolutely affordable!

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