Sunday, 22 September 2013

Korean Pocky at Hemköp! Lotte Pepero REVIEW

Today I tried out the Korean version of the fabulous Pocky biscuits: 


Pepero in my store comes in 3 different chocolatey flavours:
Plain chocolate, Almond chocolate and Soft chocolate filling.

Inner safety bag for freshness.

Plain chocolate

Almond chocolate

Soft Chocolate filling aka "Nude"


The taste is similar to the Pocky version , but for the Plain Chocolate I do prefer the Pocky version. The chocolate doesn't quite taste like real chocolate... it tastes more of vegetable fat and colourings than of dark chocolate ^.^

The Almond Chocolate is very nice, light milk chocolate wipped together with chunky almond slivers. Very nice, rich taste and the almonds give a good crunch to the biscuit.

The Soft Chocolate filling stick (aka "Nude") reminds me of Nutella! The taste is great :) I really would buy these again.

The original Pocky - Is Pepero a bootleg version? ;)

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 It's far from my favourite Pocky flavours (Litchi, mousse, Matcha etc.) but is is alright, and fun that it is available in an ordinary Swedish food-store! :)

3/5 Hazelbelle Nuts to Pepero for great tasting Almond Chocolate and Soft Chocolate filling!

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