Wednesday, 4 September 2013

LUCKY PACK! Til the last petal falls on Etsy

Two huge Lucky Packs! USD 19 (including postage!)
Yäj! I recieved my Lucky Packs that I've ordered from two accessory stores on Etsy :)

I'll start off with a post on Til the last petal falls.

I never ever rate lucky packs :) I simply describe the contents - since no Lucky Pack ever is the same. Lucky Packs are of so good value and they are a great way for the seller to get rid of their old stuff (that no one else wants LOL ;) - so they really are a hit or miss - and often both!

Most often there's always something you love  - and the rest you can either give away to a friend or sell! Lucky packs are great for Christmas gift shopping to those you never know what to give... ^^

Mystery Bag - Destash Princess Accessories SEK 33.47 (USD 5)

I bought two lucky packs from this seller - since they were so cheap :)
I expected something very princessey, and the seller had beautifully packaged the lucky packs in my favourite colour - PINK! :)

Lucky items in pretty Organza bags and a cute letter :)

20% off coupons!
Lucky Pack 1 content
Lucky Pack 1 contained, 2 necklaces, 2 rings, 1 pair of earrings, 1 hairclip, small cute erasers and stickers.

Princess scrabble and frame necklaces
Stickers! Tink unfortunately suffered some wrinkles during the transport.
Erasers in a bag, 2 rings, 1 pair of stud earrings and a hairclip.
The ring needs some more glue :)
Princessy stickers!
Lucky pack 2 contents
Frame and scrabble princess necklace
Two rings, stickers and erasers
Stickers, hair clip and earrings!
My favourite pieces are the green heart earrings (I'm wearing them as I write this ;) and the Tinkerbell frame necklace! I love the green chain :)

I'm very pleased with my Lucky Packs and I'm looking forward to using the coupons in Til the last petal falls store :) :) :)

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