Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Soft Lilac Lace on Etsy REVIEW! Handmade Lolita skirts

It is not without a heavy heart that I am writing this review.

Soft Lilac Lace on Etsy makes handmade Lolita clothes to what seems like amazing prices.
Jennifer and Jessie-Lee from Lowestoft in the UK has a good business concept.
Affordable, wearable, made after your measurements - Lolita clothes.

I fell for this dirt-cheap skirt, since I wanted a perfect everyday Lolita garment. 

Custom Made Plain Colour Pleated Bell-Shaped Lolita Skirt & Bow

Picture from Etsy
For £20 for the skirt + £6.50 for postage (total ca 275 SEK) that is amazing value.
There was several colour choices, I chose brown, and Soft Lilac Lace made the skirt after my measurements.

Good package
Cute note
Matching head bow, skirt bow, bracelet + free gift bracelet! :)
The skirt comes with a detachable bow, and I received 50% off on the head bow (only £3), + very cheap bracelet (£1)!

I ordered the skirt August 25th and received the skirt September 10th (total 3 weeks).
Which is very quick, considering the Taobao Lolita brands may take 1-3 months.

So, I REALLY do WANT to give Soft Lilac Lace five Hazelbelle nuts. But... I just can't and here is why:

Really bad zipper... This is just when I opened the parcel, I haven't even worn the skirt yet!
As you can see on the picture, the first thing that I notice with the skirt is that the zipper is really bad sewn on. I mean REALLY carelessly and unthoughtful "sewn" on. They might as well have used an office stapler. 

And the lack of quality simply continues...

Terrible seam
The seams in the skirt are awful. Sloppy made and simply put - lousy sewn.

Loose lace...
The cotton lace is of absolutely OK quality, and the colour match is perfect - but seriously?! WHY would you just sew ONE brown seam over white lace?! The perfect choice here would have been to sew two white seams, on top and bottom of the eyelet lace. 

Raw edges
All the edges of the cloth is raw, meaning Soft Lilac Lace has not zig-zagged or used overlock to seal the cloth. This is inferior quality, which will result in loose threads and eventually the seams will fall apart.

The skirt is of a good design and has a beautifully soft underskirt, which really is weird - since they choose good cloth, good lace, a good design and end up with this piece of junior school sew-mess...

I'm just going to say it: I could have done this so much better myself.

Obviously Soft Lilac Lace was in a hurry to put together this skirt. I know now, that if the price is "to good to be true" it probably isn't even worth it.

I'll have to finish of all the sewing myself (zig-zag raw edges, attach the zipper properly, detach the eyelet lace and sew it back on with better seams) and it is going to take time... :(

There is nothing wrong with the design, just terrible achievement and commitment to sewing :(

Skirt with Dear Celine Marshmallow Petticoat
Pretty but terribly made.

It is totally unacceptable to send a half-made skirt to a customer, when you promise something else. I am going to have to do a lot of extra work on this skirt, just to make it wearable (so the zipper doesn't fall off during a meet :(.

I'm very sad, because it feels like Soft Lilac Lace could have done this SOOOO much better. I would rather have waited a month more to get a diligently sewn skirt than this poor executed heap of threads.

2 out of 5 Hazelbelle nuts, if the skirt had been sewn properly it would have received 5/5.

Did the items match the pictures on Etsy? 2/5 No. The low quality was not perceived through Etsys pictures.
Where the items of good quality? 2/5 Poor seems, carelessly made. Good quality cotton and lace. Great with a magically soft underskirt.
How was the sellers communication? 5/5 Very good.
Cost versus quality? 1/5 Terrible!

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