Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A picture of a Lolita I would like to meet for real!

Oh, I have a looong list of Lolitas I would want to meet for real!!!

So, I'm going to spice up this challenge a bit :)
I'm going to pair up my favourite Lolita + place + venue!

Here we go:

1) MissyTetra + CafĂ© + Friend Date

I would love to sit down and have a nice cup of tea with Tasha!
Just kind of interview here about life, and what she thinks about Lolita :)
I believe she's got so much experience and ideas - I would love to pick her brain!!! ^^

2) Princess Peachie + Friends House + Birthday Party

I want to play birthday games with Princess Peachie! It would be so much fun to pass the parcel, do bobbing apples, pin the tail on the MLP FiM characters' together with her!!! :D

3) Vanessa Lopa + Club Dance Floor + Raging Night Out

I want to go clubbing with Vanessa Lopa!!! We would have the best night out ever and we wouldn't stop dancing until the crack of dawn ;) or until all of our false eyelashes fall off - nah, we wouldn't stop dancing then either ;)

4) Lovely Lor + An Old American Truck + Road Trip!

All the crazy stuff we would do together, Lovely Lor and I :D 
It would totally be hilarious, mad and above all - crammed-up memories for a life-time!

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