Thursday, 3 October 2013

10 things I love about Lolita...

All right so here they go, without any internal order - the things I love about Lolita!

#1 Cute wins over sexy
#2 Maximalism triumphs minimalism
#3 I get a waist
#4 Bows
#5 A sense of quality
#6 The Lolita community
#7 Misako Aoki, Princess Peachie, Vanessa Lopa
#8 D_I_Y skills, creativity and crafts
#9 Wigs
#10 Having fun!!!

#1 Cute wins over Sexy!

It's so weird, but I've never been able to identify myself with "sexy"... 
I love "just" being cute simply put. It doesn't mean that I don't have a raging sex life ;) but it does mean that when I dress up I don't want to flaunt myself... I just want to be pretty... and kawaii :)

#2 Maximalism triumphs minimalism
Did you think "Less is More" - NO! Your wrong :) More is more!

Who do you think had most fun dressing this morning?! ;)
I love that Lolita often is all about over accessorising! <3 
Seriously, minimalism is just plain BORING. And DULL.

Lolita accessorising is FUN and IMAGINATIVE and WONDERFUL!  o((*^▽^*))o

#3 I get a waist!

The Lolita Poofy skirt is a great way for almost every female body to get a beautiful silhouette! You don't have to be thin as a stick to look good, you only need a corset and a poofy skirt :D

Lolita style is flattering for all sizes, it's all about making it work for YOU :D

Beautiful Lolitas in all shapes and sizes!
Amazing plus size Strawberry Lolita
Tall and short Lolitas!
Tiny Lolitas ;) haha LOL
#4 Bows
I am crazy about bows! I can't seem to get enough of them... :D

I want them on my shoes, on my gloves, in my hair, on my dress, on my phone, in my bed, on my blouse, on my candy...

#5 A sense of quality
No, not all Lolita fashion is about good quality - but at least there is a will to strive for it.
There is a will to make something better than the average retail crap...

I was a bit shocked with some of the brand dresses I bought - Innocent World did not do pattern matching, Metamorphose uses plain tulle (Organza would be the natural choice) as fillers and Juliette et Justine uses 100% polyester in their dresses.

But, luckily, there are a lot of amazing smaller independent brands out there that sell amazing quality for less than the brands!

Coruscate Unique is one of those, hand sewn by a diligent seamstress in amazingly soft cotton.
Often the smaller brands offer to make the garments after YOUR measurements - even making their dresses more amazing, since good quality is never as good as a dress with a good fit...

Coruscate Unique has fantastic high quality dresses for great prices! 
I would love to even further and deepen the Lolita community's sense of quality and see more high-end couture dresses in amazing materials, such as pure silk. I reckon, if you're already spending >200 USD on a dress, why not get a fantastic dress for maybe +50% more?

#6 The Lolita Community

Since I started Lolita, I've made fantastic new friends!
It's great chatting online with girls from all over the world, sharing experiences and reading blog posts!

The three girls that made me fall in love with Lolita... 
Misako Aoki
Princess Peachie
Vanessa Lopa
These sassy cute girls really made me deepen my understanding for Lolita and they made me feel good about wanting to wear the style! :D

Misako showed me how to be humbly, gentle Japanese, Peachie learnt me to be kind, sweet, caring and giving and Vanessa Lopa showed me how to have fun in Lolita style!

#8 D-I-Y creativity, skills and crafts!
I love that there are so many talented hobby artists out there that make amazing Lolita clothes, accessories, and spreads cuteness to the world!

How to make scalloped edges
#9 Wigs
Seriously, my love of wigs deepens for every second I wear Lolita :D
Everyone wishes at some point that they could have a different hair type, colour or length...

And with a wig you can't go wrong! 
I love purple wigs right now!!! :D

#10 Having fun!
Oh, I believe Lolita is all about having fun :) 

Fashion should always be fun! And make you happy! :D

Wearing clothes that I love, no matter what other people think, makes me feel good about myself ^^

Lolita is actually all about loving yourself!

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