Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A picture of my room

So - what does my room look like? :)

My boyfriend loves interior decoration (and tweed clothes - but that's a different blog post ;)

In the last apartment we shared, EVERYTHING was white: the floors, the walls, our furniture... It was kinda cool, but we really got tired of it and decided to do something different in our new apartment.

So, we decided to keep our white furniture, but add some depth with the black wallpaper with big Ol' English flowers.

This is what you see immediately when you enter the room :) We have an enormous bed :) 

A beautiful 1920s vintage underdress I bought in a Flee Market for only 40 SEK! (£4/6USD) I don't dare to wear it (It's got some delicate handmade lace) but I like having it on show, like art :)

My shrine ;) LOL I try to keep all my trinkets in one place, else they tend to pile up everywhere ;) I love all the small boxes that I fill with jewellery! I usually buy them when I'm abroad, I've bought boxes in England, Greece, Morocco, Hong Kong and Brazil - but I bet most of them are made in China anyway ;)

<3 Lovely MLP and HKs <3

I collected all the MLP FiMs when I was studying for an exam - everyday I had been studying good, I got to buy a pony :) It worked! I passed the exam! :)

The sculpture of a girl reading is a gift from my grandma - she thought it looks likes me :) I always seem to have my nose in my books ;)

Some pottery I made. A cute little lamb maybe? :)

 Sculpture of a wheat seed that I made in Art School.

 I love this pair of money banks that me and my brother got when we lived in Hong Kong. I'm not sure if he knows that I took his when I moved ;) haha

My mum made this top box! It contains a pair of 1920s earrings that she got me for my birthday :)

Box from Grandma! 

I keep all my pearls in it :)

Granddad made the painting. Mum gave my the Lavender Olive Oil soap, she told me in order to make it "saponificate" it should stand and "dry up"... It smells lovely!

My BF found this cute hat for me in a Vintage store! The stone box is a gift from a friend when she went to India. We hide the keys to the cupboard there.

That's my room :)

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