Saturday, 7 December 2013

Amazing Italian Candy haul! :D

Of course I couldn't leave Italy without
bringing home some local Candy!!! :D

If you want to buy some seriously classic Lolita themed candy - Italy is the place to go :)
'Cause what is more Classic Lolita than flowers? ;)

They have loads of flower-flavoured pastilles in Italy.

Really nice! Powdery, soft and perfume-y! :)

Violet candies

Pretty tin boxes in Art Nouveau style!
The cinnamon flavour is very strong :)

I have the boxes as decoration in my room :)

French flower pastilles - Anise, Menthe and Rose <3

Sage and Lemon hard candies :)

Sugar-coated chestnuts
(These tasted rather weird ;)

French Nougat or "Turrone" in Italian ;)... Pistachio flavour!
Really tasty :D

Turrone with almonds and fresh freeze-dried forest fruits :)

Mixed flower and herb candies!

Many different flavours.
Some tastes are very bitter, like chewing the herb straight from the garden :)

Feels like a very adult candy ;)

Tic Tac! We don't have Tic Tac in Sweden :)
I used to buy them when I lived in Hong Kong...
I've never tried these tastes before! :)

Pineapple was really good :)

Liquid Chocolate Coffee!
Really strong and extra bitter dark chocolate :)

Sugar free Coffee-candy - these where really nice!

And of course - Biscotti of Tuscan ;)
Can't go home without something touristy ;)


Finally time to DIG IN!!! ;)

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