Friday, 27 December 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita New Years Resolutions!

My première Lolita Blog Carnival post :) The first of many more to come!

This weeks Lolita Blog Carnival topic: Lolita New Years Resolution!

My New Years Resolution for Lolita is to pin point my exact style :)

The last 6 months, since I became interested in the fashion style, I have been dabbling around - trying different styles and buying clothes I liked and came by...

...but with no direction, no lead star - I must confess that my beginner-Lolita wardrobe is a mess :)

I have navy, country, sweet, classic, vintage, fairy-kei and dolly-kei - all bundled up in a messy wardrobe.

I must say it's time to clean up some of my pieces, I want to focus on building a beautiful wardrobe in ONE Lolita sub-style.

And it is a progress, it takes time.
One does not simply turn into an amazing Lolita overnight, these last few months have made me realise that.

I have also over these last months fallen in love more and more with Classic Lolita.
The muted, simple, vintage air of the classical masterpieces gives me goose-bumps.

And I have found my muse.
Or muses, so to speak - first and foremost Fanny Rosie (and her cat Bissonette ;) 

Oh my, her coords are stunning!
I am definitely taking Lolita fashion lessons from her :)

My other fashion and style muse is Sapphira of Elegant Poupée.
An English gentlewoman that now resides in Tokyo, Japan.
She loves sax and blue hues, as you can tell :)

I will add some sax pieces to my wardrobe, but mostly I will stick to brown, beige, dust pink, antique green,  deep red, plum and navy - Fanny Rose' favoured colour palette.

My third Lolita fashion muse is Ruchkina Elizaveta from Moscow, that has an amazing Rococo-Lolita style.
Most of her pieces are made by herself!

So more exactly, my 2014 Lolita New Years Resolution will be:

1) To define my style as a Classic Lolita
2) To build my wardrobe with cues taken from my muses
3) To buy a better camera so that I can take pictures worthy of my outfits :)

<3 <3 <3
What is your Lolita New Years Resolution going to be?
With love, Mary Hazelbelle
<3 <3 <3

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