Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Lolita Christmas! :D Swedish Christmas Market in Old Victorian Town with SNOW!

Merry Lolita Xmas all fellow fashion-lovers on snowy winter wonderland cyber-space 

Here's some beautiful snowy pictures from the Christmas Market in Linköping's Old Town :D
Blacksmith showing how to work fire in cold weather!

Main street Old School Xmas Deco

Home-baked Xmas goodies!



The Scouts where doing their job and serving hot waffles!

Home knits :)

 So much Lussebullar (Saffron buns) and Pepparkakor (Gingerbread)

 Classic Jenny Nyström

 Herring Burger anyone? :)

 LOL little Ol' Xmas tree ;)

 Old Fashioned Candy! :)


 Hot sugar coated almonds
 Old fashioned music player :)

18th Century Log house

 Sweet Ol' lady with hand made straw Xmas decorations
That's what we used before plastic! ;)

 Darling cute hand knits!

Feast for the birds!

In Sweden, at Christmas, we put cloves in oranges, add a ribbon and hang them up in the windows :)
The cloves help to conserve the oranges, so they dry and do not mold.
They smell absolutely fantastic!
Old Fashioned Room Scent, if you wish ;)

 Learning how to seal Christmas gifts with red lacquer!
A little tricky, 'til you get the hang of it :)

 Baking Pepparkakor (Swedish gingerbread)

 Mmmm... everyone loves them!

 Old fashioned Christmas.
Sweden ca 1930's.

<3 Gifts to all of you!!! <3


Now if you're wondering why I'm not in any of the above pictures...
This is where I was supposed to post a picture of me, in front of our Christmas tree, in a beautiful velvet JSK + Bolero, a stunning white coat from Magic Tea Party and a nice cotton skirt from Classical Puppets...

Sadly enough, my order from Qutieland has not yet arrived...

I paid and made the order 6th of September...

I ordered custom sizes, which yes- would take approximately 30-40 work days. 
I believe since September 6th, we are now up in approx 85 working days... (and my order is still "Confirmed and Processing", I haven't even received a tracking code yet!)...

My review for Qutieland will surely maintain some critique regarding the handling times...

So if you're looking to spend your Christmas money on SUMMER clothing... be sure to place your order now!

:D Merry Xmas! :D

/Mary Hazelbelle


  1. wow, the market looks so amazing :) I wish I could have been there and those waffles make me hungry x')
    And so sad you dress hasn't arrived yet. It's indeed very long. I hope it wil arrive soon! ^-^

    xxx The Mad Twins

    1. Awww thanks! WOW I love your blog <3 <3 <3 The Circle Lense review is great!!! You are so beautiful :D


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