Wednesday, 27 November 2013

How to get a lot of high quality lace for a low cost!

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High quality lace is expensive!

In Sweden, at my local sewing store I pay 22 SEK (3.3USD/ 2£) up to 49 SEK (7.4USD/ 4.6£) per metre. 

And most Lolita dress patterns acquire a lot of lace :) in different shapes and sizes...
Sometimes the lace can actually be more expensive than the fabric for the dress!
Different lace on Btssb Dessert OP 2012

So, what you need to do is take a trip to your local thrift store/ charity shop,
start rummaging around the curtain or the cloth section and look for fabrics with nice high quality lace! :)

Buy it and toss it into the washing machine :)
This heap of fabric (a JOTEX curtain) cost me 40 SEK (6 USD/ 3.7£)

Now, start ripping :) carefully remove the threads that attach the lace to the fabric, using a seam ripper.

This took me 15-20 minutes. Be careful and cautious when ripping so that you don't damage the lace!

Fabric and a nice round pile of lace :)

1 curtain for 40 SEK (6 USD/ 3.7£) ended up in giving me 4,2 metres of high quality, 8 cm broad lace! :)

The fabric is going to be put to use as well :)
Nice, cotton fabrics in neutral colours are great as dress-liners when sewing your JSK.

You could also sew a nice under-dress with this neutral cotton fabric, 
to protect your Lolita clothing from your skin :)

Keep your eyes open for bargains in thrift stores/ charity shops/ garage sales! :)
Reusing old fabrics is a great way to be environmentally friendly :)

Hope you enjoyed this post!
*til next time*
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