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Bodyline L496 *JSK + Bolero* Classic Lolita REVIEW

L496 Bodyline
This is a review of the L496 Classic JSK + Bolero from Bodyline!
Venus Angelic looks great as the Bodyline model! :)

Me in L496

I was very nervous when I received my packet, since I've bought quite a few Lolita items now second hand and from on-line stores, that turned out to not be what I first thought... (Bad quality, wrong size...)

So, I own a lot of Lolita clothes that I really can't wear. And this dress is hopefully a dress that fits!

The dress costs USD 80 (I ordered during a 10% off campaign for USD 72) + Bodylines' flat-rate shipping price USD 10. I had to pay 200 kr (ca 31 USD) tax and postage fees extra for the package in Sweden.

So my bargain dress ended up costing a lot more than I first thought (Total 112 USD/ 725 SEK).

The dress arrived in a Bodyline bag + soft plastic packaging.

Bolero + JSK in velveteen and "manchester"-like fabric

Pretty buttons (That later unfortunately ALL fell off!)

The ribbon is unfortunately high-shine.

 Lace detail

Detail of print, The print is upside down sometimes.

I bought the 2L size, which is perfect for me (I am 176 cm long, ca 67 kg, EU38)

The zipper is a bit odd - very visible.

Velveteen bolero. I love the poofy arms! :D



Highly visible zipper in back. As you also can see, the print is upside down.

Ahh... the feeling of cutting of a new dress tag ;)

 Lost in the woods *haha*
 I love the chain detail of the bolero!

Oops, buttons falling off :P

Bad thread...

This is, as you can see, not a high quality dress.

The print is awkwardly upside down at some places, the buttons fell off within an hour of wearing the dress and the zipper is not really the same hue as the dress and it is very much visible in the centre of the back.

But it is still a fairly decent Lolita dress for a great price - but don't forget to budget for taxes and your countries postage fees! (In Sweden 25% of TOTAL value - postage + dress + 100 kr Posten fee)

I would have done some extra needle-work myself, to make sure that the buttons don't fall of, if I had bought this dress again. The buttons have really ugly white plastic backs, so I'm not going to bother to sew them back on (and I lost one button forever when walking to the bus).

This dress receives 2/5 Hazelbelle Nuts because the buttons fell off, otherwise the JSK and bolero would have received 3/5.

UPDATE 8/11 2014: I ordered this when I was new to Lolita and didn't know about the Yen-trick.
The yen-trick is awesome - you just change the currency shown to Yen instead of USD. Bodyline charges hefty rates for using USD instead of Yen! And on the last page, after you have paid for your goods on Bodyline, you may choose to devalue your packet with 50% or 75% to avoid customs. Please note that this is illegal, however, and if you are caught by authorities doing this, you will be charged with a fine.

Did the items match the pictures on Bodyline? 3/5 Fairly well. 
Where the items of good quality? 2/5 Not really, the buttons came off when wearing the dress for less than an hour!
How was the sellers communication? 3/5 Good. Bodyline cancelled my order of stockings (that I ordered at the same time as the dress). I found out when they paid back the amount on Paypal, a bit awkward - it would have been nice to receive an email from Bodyline, too.
Cost versus quality? 3/5 It's still a fairly reasonable price for a two piece Lolita dress.

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