Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Easy Origami: How to fold a Lucky Star!

There is actually scientific proof that repetitive motions 
create some sort of inner calm.

Either you do cross stitches, do crochet or knitting - 
this kind of monotone motion creates tranquillity.

When life sucks, 
I'm totally stressed out and 
everything is spinning round in light speed around me, 
my "monotone motion"

Oh, I've tried Origami - 
but to me it was a bit to difficult, 
I got frustrated instead of calm...

Then I stumbled across the easiest paper folding technique 
that creates the cutest little things 
- Lucky Stars! :D

It's so simple, 
and cute, 
and fun...

All you need are some colourful strips of paper
- you can buy them online (Ebay) or 

There are loads of different fun papers, 
shiny with high gloss 
or thin powdery newspaper-like paper...

But what do you do with all the little stars that you create?
Well, since the point is to relax - 
you can do whatever you want with them!
I collect mine in a glass bottle...
When the bottle is full, I use them as packaging
in gifts to friends :)

Here are some photos and a video how to make Lucky Stars! :D

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