Friday, 17 January 2014

Bodyline Lucky Pack 2014 first update

I still haven't recieved my BL LP ): , 
the tracking says it is stuck in Tokyo since the 11/1 (!)
6 days now... :P

But, I noticed a few girls have put up the contents of their LPs online!

This one is by far the worst I have seen:

She received 17 loose sleeves o_O

As the poor Lolli says: 
"I’m not sure exactly what I can do with 3 left-side and 14 right-side unattached sleeves, but I do appreciate the laugh they gave me. (≧∇≦)"

But, luckily it seems that is not all she got, she's putting up a review with the rest later.

This LP seemed nice, though :)
It contained 2 boleros, bloomers, jsk, skirt and a bag. Total 6 items!

Mis Dulces Dias

Lady Lae Lae's LP contained the following 4 items:
Skirt, Punk OP, Beige Blouse, Sweet Lolita OP

Jodies' LP also contained 4 items!
(More than the "only" 3 items that I was guessing in my first BL LP post ^^)
EGL post

Bodyline love

Kochan got a tote bag, 2 OP and a cute skirt :) Perfect for a sweet lolita!

Oh oh oh I hope my LP isn't too bad XD

Hahaha And hope they can send it from Tokyo soon!
Seriously?! What's holding it?

Big Hugz/ Mary

Click!>>> UPDATE: MY BL LP <<<Click!


  1. I only receive a casual looking skirt and a blouse, which is fine. and this yukata the purple one WITHOUT the obi belt and a bag..and 4 giant ass ribbons (which i am not sure what to do?room deco maybe)
    Not worth to me, I am not into that yukata, design n all looks like I will have to use it to bed.

    Why oh why couldnt I get at least 1 dress! :C

    1. Oh, I hope you can sell the Yukata and get some money back for it! <3 So sad you didn't get lucky :( My package has STILL not arrived, it is stuck in customs since 4 days -.- So maybe I'll recieve it next week... after paying all the custom fees on 200 SEK (making my LP cost a total of 9000 yen - so it really better be worth it now :P)

  2. Oh hi. I got my pack :B The stars of it were this (which is not my style...) and this (but the Owh one, not my style either... I got the fruit parlor bag too... as well as the weird leggins. a blouse which is 2l (this: and the skirt, which I love the most is this one: (

    it was not bad... just that I'm not fond of punk lolita (L022) .... so if you would be willing to change I'm open to it :D I hope your pack is good too :D

    1. I received the first JSK as well! (The L495) The L022 was rather... weird O.o - but the stock photos on BL always make their products look cheaper than IRL! It's probably very pretty in person. But none of them are my style either OTL.... <3 BIG HUGZ!! <3


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