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Comfort update - so how are those shoes holding up? Bodyline 251 and An*Tai*Na 9988b

^^ This is a 4/6 months update on the comfort and durability of the shoes I bought in the autumn 2013 ^^
An*Tai*Na 9988B
Bodyline 251

An*Tai*Na 9988B
Original Review post <<Click link :)
Received: November 2013
Review date: March 2014
Frequency of wear: (Approx.) I've used these shoes every other weekend (alternating) so, perhaps 8 times per shoe-pair during the past 4 months.
Storage: Original carton shoe box in my wardrobe. I handle them gently, and they are stored in separate plastic bags, as not to touch each other.

Total wear after approx 4 months:

Cherry coord :)

Classic Velveteen

There is an optical illusion on the picture to the right! XD
The inside of the shoes is white, and paired up with the white lace stockings - this makes my feet look weird XD
May be good to think about, if you take photos with these shoes- white socks may create this illusion.

So what is my final verdict? :D

An*Tai*Na 9988B shoes

4 months update: Still 5/5 Hazelbelle nuts! :D
These shoes are amazing! It is so easy to make beautiful coords with them and they really make my outfits :)
I can't believe how comfortable they are, even with the heel. I wear them for hours all day long and I have NEVER had sore feet! :D And that says a lot, usually I get sore feet immediately when wearing high heel shoes. The shoes do get a little bit warm, as they are not made in leather. But I actually do not mind because the design is so aaammmaaazing :3


Bodyline 251
Original Review post <<Click link :)
Received: August 2013
Review date: March 2014
Frequency of wear: (Approx.) I've used these shoes twice a month, perhaps 12 times during the past 6 months.
Storage: IKEA polyester shoe box (SKUBB) in my wardrobe.

Total wear after approx. 6 months:

A few coords...
Wine, grey and brown :)

Brown x White

So what is my final verdict? :D
Bodyline 251 shoes
6 months update: Raising the grade to 5/5 (from 4/5) Hazelbelle nuts! :D
I must say, these shoes are very comfortable. I have actually walked at least 100 km in them in total (often 8 km in a day!) (In Sweden we rely on walking and on public transportation to get around ;)

The PU is of very high quality and is also durable. They are also very water resistant and can tolerate the harsh weather of the Swedish winter

I do, however, find them more difficult to coord than the 9988B. Design-wise, they are not really super low sweet tea parties, and the lack of heel can make the longer classical skirts look a bit off. But, as I mentioned, they are amazingly comfortable and it's really simple to walk 10 km in them without sore feet.

I rated these shoes 4/5 in august, but I simply must raise the grade to 5/5 :)

The only set-back is the design. When I bought these shoes, I was very new to Lolita and knew little about how much slight details can alter the complex "feeling" of an entire coord. These BL shoes have a more chunky and "upward" round toe, compared to Sweet Tea Parties, which might make your legs look a bit off under a classic skirt with less poof. So I'm rather careful what kind of skirts that I can coord with these shoes. I do believe the design is a bit more "clumsy" and "chunky". I might actually put these up for sales and buy more An*Tai*Na 9988B models in various colours instead!


Coming up! My next coord :D
My next coord with the An*Tai*Na 9988B gold shoes will be with +Krad Lanrete+ Lost in Sea Aqua OP themed up with my gold vintage leather handbag. ^^

<3 Hope this post is helpful for you! <3


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