Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I was lucky! :D Bodyline Lucky Pack 2014

Today I finally received my BL LP!
It took a month for me to receive it ^^

I ordered it immediately at it's release, on New Years Eve 
- and I must say that I was very lucky!!! :D

I received a total of whopping 6 items!

I was hoping for 3-4 items, at the most! So my LP must well be worth 3 times 5000 yen.

Which is lucky since I paid 179 SEK (2800 Yen) for customs-fee and tax on top of the LP price.
So total cost of the LP for me was 7800 Yen (ca 502 SEK).

6 Bags in total (One bag is hiding under the black one)

When I saw these, I got really excited!!! 
I have been thinking of adding some Sweet Lolita to my Classic Wardrobe, so I immediately ripped up the White and Pink packet - I was hoping for an OP, and got a really cute white JSK with pink lace and ribbons:

White x Pink Hime JSK (size M) with matching bow

Bodyline L438

As you know, Bodyline are very inconsistent in sizing - so even though I'm tall and have a broad rib-cage, sometimes I fit size M. 

Even though this JSK has shirring, it was at least 6 cm until I could close the zipper (unfortunately). The skirt was very short for me as well, so I'll be puttng this up for sale to a short and petite Lolita :).

White blouse, size M

Bodyline L383
- looks much better IRL (and with the blouse tucked in) than on the Bodyline model!

This blouse, is really sweet, and it fits me well! :D
The collar is rather big and fluffy, but I actually really like the sweet effect.

The necktie is missing, but I received the cameo as a loose item.

Cute skirt, size M

This skirt is so adorable! It has full shirring, so it fits my 75 cm waist without any problem - BUT it is so short! It barely covers my butt when I have it on my natural waist. I can pull it down a little on my hips, but it is still nowhere near a modest length... So this will end up on sales as well. 
Bodyline L453
Punk Lolita JSK and a High Waist Belt

Again a M dress in a completely different size ;) Haha
This was rather large on me!

I was hoping for something gothic in the LP, and this JSK would make a good Punk Lolita outfit with ripped stockings and Dr Martens. Yet somehow, I didn't really like how I looked in it. It's a bit too big, and it didn't flatter my body at all. Maybe it's the maid-wings on the shoulder straps...
Good length on the skirt, however. 

Bodyline L495
The High Waist Belt, however is very small, maybe for a 65 cm waist. So both will be sold!
This dress has been found in other BL LPs this year as well ^^

Fruit Parlor Tote Bag Pink x Black
This bag has been turning up in a lot of the LPs! I have nothing to match it with, so I'll be selling this as well.

The only odd item i received... 
...was this:
This is the "EroX Star Fire"
A reminder that Bodyline isn't really a Lolita Brand...
They are a sex costume shop after all ;)

Oooh... thongs (going to the bin - I like my knickers BIG ;) LOL this is soooo shady 80s ;)
Don't you get that Samantha Fox feeling?

In total, this is the haul! :D
A tote bag
A mini skirt
A Hime/Sweet Lolita JSK
A Punk lolita JSK
"Sexy" undies
White blouse

So, one Bodyline blouse and a cameo for 500 SEK (7800 Yen) isn't really worth it, but I'm booked in on swap meets and Lolita sales in March and April (Stockholm) so hopefully I'll get some of my money back on the sales!

I don't think I'll get a Bodyline LP again, but for this time it was a good laugh!
I rather put my money towards commissioned indie-items or brand :)

I've been kind of spoilt with luxury quality when buying Indie and high-end brands such as Btssb, so I don't think I'll ever buy from Bodyline again (and the customs always charge me extra fees).

Seeing so many BL items together, you realise that they are a good, cheap alternative for Lolitas that can't sew - but still the quality is nothing compared to just adding a little more money to your purchase from Infanta on Taobao, or excellent seamstress Bunny House in Vietnam.

 You get so much more value for your money when buying commissioned Indie-brands or sewing the items yourself.

BIG HUGS! /Mary Hazelbelle


  1. Seems like a reasonable haul, and none of that gaudy tartan a lot of people got!

    I'm still waiting for my pack - the suspenseee!

    1. Hope you get your LP soon :D It's crazy when you think about it - it's a lot of clothes for 5000 yen! Hope you get something you like too!!! <3 <3 <3


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